Fatigue Training Online: Shiftworker Training in Managing Fatigue Risk

A web-based training program to educate shiftworkers about FRMS and managing fatigue! The training program is ANSI/API RP-755 compliant.


Fatigue Training Online is the premier online fatigue management training program. The ANSI/API RP-755 compliant program is specifically designed to educate shiftworkers on Fatigue Risk Management Systems and provide them with practical tips for managing fatigue and improving health and safety.

Fatigue Training Online includes:

  • Two fully-narrated 45-minute courses
  • Incorporates video and interactive comprehension tests
  • 1-year license – Users can access and review the courses as many times as they want
  • Guaranteed compliance – Designed so you can’t fast forward through training
  • Flexible online training – Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Certificate of completion – HR departments can track who has completed training and when
  • Authoritative information from CIRCADIAN, the leading experts in fatigue, alertness and health & safety for 24- hour operation

What material does the training cover?

  • The scientific basis, structure of a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)
  • The causes, signs and risks of fatigue
  • Sleep management tips
  • Challenges of working at different times of day and how to meet them (i.e., shift work)
  • Health & nutrition
  • Family & social life issues for those who work shiftwork and non-traditional hours
  • Alertness tips, including managing coping substances (such as caffeine)

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