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Managing Fatigue: A Health & Safety Guide for Nurses


Practical Information and Tips to Help Nurses Meet the Challenges of Fatigue, Night Work and a Shiftwork Lifestyle


Managing Fatigue: A Health & Safety Guide for Nurses

Practical Information and tips to help nurses meet the challenges of night work and a shiftwork lifestyle

Nursing work requires a high level of vigilance. Whether it’s detecting subtle changes in a patient’s health status, administering blood products or any of the other critical jobs performed during each shift, nurses must be alert and well rested to offer the best patient care possible.

However, many nurses report being fatigued at work on a regular basis…

  • Managing Fatigue: A Health & Safety Guide for Nurses contains vital information that is designed to empower nurses to address the issue of fatigue as well as other challenges that often accompany a shifwork lifestyle:
  • Understanding Your Circadian Rhythms
  • atigue Management: Staying Alert and Safe at Work
  • Sleep
  • Health Problems and Solutions
  • Healthy Eating
  • Family and Social Life

The new 60-page guide includes authoritative information, research, quizzes and practical tips to help nurses recognize the causes and consequences of fatigue and take steps to improve their sleep, alertness, health and wellness.

It’s an invaluable lifestyle/health & safety training resource. The booklet is perfect to handout to new hires, as well as a valuable resource for experienced nurses. Family members of nurses will also benefit from learning about both fatigue and the demands of a shiftwork lifestyle.

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