The Working Nights Health and Safety Guide

The Working Nights Health and Safety Guide


Years of shiftwork wisdom captured in one booklet to help shiftworkers adapt to the demands of the shiftwork lifestyle. New and Improved! Featuring updated information, quizzes and more!


The Working Nights Health & Safety Guide helps people who work at night better adapt to the demands of a shiftwork lifestyle.

Years of shiftwork wisdom are captured in a concise, non-technical guide. It covers all the most critical areas:

  1. Understanding Your Circadian Rhythms
  2. Work Performance and Job Safety
  3. Sleep
  4. Health Problems and Solutions
  5. Nutrition
  6. Family and Social Life

The new 40-page guide includes interactive quizzes to help shiftworkers evaluate their fatigue level and help them improve their alertness at work and sleep at home. It’s an invaluable lifestyle/health & safety training resource.

Perfect to handout to new hires, family members of shiftworkers, or to give to experienced workers as a refresher.

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Also available in French: Guide santé et sécurité pour le travail de nuit

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