The Working Nights Newsletter


A fast-reading, inexpensive monthly newsletter filled with tips and ideas on how to help shiftworkers at home and on the job.


The Working Nights Newsletter – A Monthly Newsletter Specifically for Shiftworkers

Here is why Working Nights Newsletter can make a difference…

Cuts your costs – Fatigue costs money. Proper lifestyle training can reduce these costs, saving you many times the annual cost of subscribing to Working Nights Newsletter.

Easy to read – Written in plain English and short sentences designed to be read in five to ten minutes.

Increases training effectiveness – Dramatically allows workers to show their families how they can support them and learn with them.

Provides practical information – Offers the latest research and practical experiences from our years of working with shiftworkers.

Builds morale – Shows employees you care and understand their challenges.

Authoritative information – The editor of the Working Nights Newsletter is Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, a world-renowned authority on human alertness and circadian physiology. Dr. Moore-Ede draws on the expertise of the consultants and researchers at CIRCADIAN, the leading research and consulting firm on shiftwork and his many years of research and practical experience solving the challenges of operating around the clock.

Summary – This fast-reading, inexpensive monthly newsletter is filled with tips and ideas to help shiftworkers at home and on the job. Get the newsletter that thousands of shiftworkers read every month to help them meet the unique challenges of shiftwork.

Each subscription includes 1 newsletter a month for a year.

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